Love Lives Are Not Neutral – Infographic

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Love Lives Are Not Neutral

232,215 teen girls had babies in 2015.[1]

62% of teen mothers do not earn a high school diploma by age 22.[2]

60% of teens report being victims or perpetrators of violence.[3]

25% of high school students are victims of digital dating abuse.[4]

Relationship issues are reported as a precipitating factor in 56% of teen suicides.[5]


A Proven Approach

Healthy Relationship Education:

Reduces teen pregnancy by 46% in high-need youth.[6]

Significantly reduces verbal aggression and violence in teens.[7]

Helps young people exit unhealthy and dangerous relationships.[7]

Reduces faulty relationship beliefs and helps youth direct their own love lives.[7]

Improves students’ social and emotional learning.[7]

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