Los Angeles Mission College, Sylmar, CA 

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Temporary Assistance to Needy Families LA Case Study




Los Angeles Mission College, Sylmar, CA

Angela B. Aghajanian, CalWORKs Director


Program Name: CalWORKs
Funding: CalWORKs program funds (CA Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office)
Curricula Used: Love Notes
Curricula Benefits: Student awareness about healthy relationships.
Population: CalWORKs students
Audience Demographics: White, Hispanic, Males and Females, Ages 18-45
Class Size: Varied 5-15
Location of Instruction: LAMC Campus
Length of Instruction (number of sessions and hours per session): 5 sessions, 1.5 hours each session.
Instructor Training Protocol: Has attended training provided by the Dibble Institute.
Utilization of Teacher and Student Materials: Teacher has a copy of the Love Notes handbook.
Program Recruitment Process: Mass email
Incentives to Teachers and Students: Personal growth for teachers and students equally.
Outcomes: Positive feedback from students.
Challenges: Low attendance (over 400 students were invited)
Tips: Offer refreshments and be flexible; take students schedules into consideration.