Love Notes v2.1

Relationships Skills for Love, Life, and Work

Course Outline


Introduction to Love Notes……..v
Instructor Tips………………………xi
Love Notes Video and
Resource Guide……………………..xv1. Relationships Today

  • Relationships Today…
  • Defining a Vision
  • Choosing Reds or Greens?
  • Film: Antwone Fisher

2: Knowing Yourself

  • Good Relationships Start with You
  • Colors: Personality Style
  • Baggage: Examining the Past
  • Legacy of Past Hurts

3: My Expectations—My Future

  • What’s Important to Me?
  • The Power of Expectations
  • Myself: My Future

4: Attractions and Starting Relationships

  • Relationship Pyramid
  • The Chemistry of Attraction
  • Infatuation-Love Match

5: Principles of Smart Relationships

  • Smart or Not-So-Smart?
  • Seven Principles of Smart Love
  • Seven Questions to Ask
  • Three Sides of Love

6: Is it a Healthy Relationship

  • How Can You Tell?
  • Assessing My Relationship
  • The Importance of Fun
  • Breaking Up

7: Dangerous Love

  • Early Warnings: Red Flags
  • Types of Partner Violence
  • Dangerous Love’s Impact on Children
  • Drawing the Line of Respect
8: Decide, Don’t Slide! The Low Risk Approach to Relationships

  • High Costs of Sliding
  • The Low-Risk Deciding Approach
  • A Brief Review
  • Making Decisions
  • The Success Sequence

9: Let’s Talk About Sex

  • Let’s Talk about Sex
  • Intimacy: It’s More than Physical
  • Pitfalls of Sex-too-soon
  • Are We on the Same Page?
  • Drawing Lines and Pacing Relationships

10: Let’s Plan for Choices

  • Increase Your Pregnancy Prevention Smarts
  • STDs and HIV Are for Real
  • Planning for Choices
  • Let’s Talk—It’s Serious

11: What’s Communication Got to Do With It?

  • The Four Danger Signs
  • Relationship Check-Up
  • Angry Brains and Time Out Skill
  • The Speaker Listener Technique
  • Communication Patterns Learned in Family

12: Communication Challenges and More Skills

  • WWA for Effective Complaining
  • Button Pushers and Hidden Issues
  • Problem Solving Model
  • Daily Appreciations

13: Through the Eyes of a Child

  • What a Baby Wants
  • What about Fathers?
  • Child Speak
  • Should We Live Together?
  • Co-Parenting Challenges
  • Planning for Success


  • Film Guide for Antwone Fisher
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements
  • Colored Activity Cards
Philosophy and Goals