Love Notes EBP Adaptations

LoveNotes v2.1 EBP Cover

In the real world, Evidence Based Programs occasionally need to be adapted to meet the needs of the young people being served or the setting where they are being used. Below you will find examples of Love Notes adaptations that are permitted by the program’s developer. Please keep in mind that all potential adaptations of Love Notes needs to be discussed with your grant’s project officer and may need their approval. Adaptations to the medical information provided in Love Notes may require a medical accuracy review and also approval by your funder.

Please feel free to discuss further adaptations you are considering with us.

Allowable Adaptations

Activities that directly relate to Love Note’s content
  • Add additional content from the Love Notes Classic Instructor’s Manual based on participant need and available time.
  • Include Love Notes activities for expecting and parenting teens.
  • Exchange “All Falls Down” for “Toothpaste” DVDs based on participant need.
Activities that do not directly relate to Love Note’s content
  • Change the first names in the scenarios to reflect the participants’ culture and gender.
  • Add icebreakers or energizers at the start of each session or between modules if delivering during an extended period of time.
Program Delivery
  • Deliver lengthened sessions.
  • Increase the number and frequency of Love Notes sessions.
  • Use exercises, share facts, or make reminders about key concepts as part of booster text or sessions.
  • Provide make-up sessions.
  • May be used with young adults up to age 24.

Unallowable Adaptations

  • Delivery without using the Love Notes PowerPoints and participant Journal.
  • Delivery by a facilitator who has not attended a LN-EBP Dibble Certified Training.
  • Skipping content or activities from the Evidence Based Model.