Love Notes 3.0 SRA and EBP FAQs

Q:  What are the differences between Love Notes 3.0 Sexual Risk Avoidance and Love Notes SRA Evidence Based Program?

A:  Love Notes SRA EBP is a condensation of Love Notes SRA. Dr. Anita Barbee in her evaluation of Love Notes distilled the program to its key messages to create the Love Notes EBP. The EBP still contains 13 lessons. Lessons average about 45 minutes with 2 lessons taking double that (1.5 hours).

Every purchase of Love Notes SRA EBP  Instructor’s Manual also includes the Love Notes SRA binder. They are sold together because the SRA binder contains more background for instructors to fully understand the LN theory of change and to contextualize the content. More importantly, instructors may add any activity or concept from LN SRA into LN SRA EBP as an acceptable adaptation depending on their available time and needs of the young people they serve.

While training is recommended before teaching Love Notes SRA, training is required before teaching Love Notes SRA EBP.

Q:  Which Love Notes is on the Office of Adolescent Health’s Evidence- Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs list?

A:  Love Notes EBP is on the OAH approved list because of its strong outcomes for recent sexual activity, frequency of sexual activity, contraceptive use, sexual initiation, and pregnancy, which was reduced by 46% over the control groups.  We adapted Love Notes SRA EBP to meet the guidelines outlined in the Healthy Relationships Act of 2017 that set the stage for federal SRA grant funding. It includes all the core concepts, skills, and activities from the original without normalizing teen sex.

It is an acceptable adaptation to add into the LN SRA EBP any additional content from Love Notes SRA that you feel would benefit your young people so long as you  cover all the EBP content. For instance, programs serving expecting and parenting teens often choose to add in additional concepts pertinent to the young people they serve.

Q:  What ages can most benefit from Love Notes?

A: Love Notes was written for risk-immersed young people and young parents ages 16-25. However, in the study at the University of Louisville the students were between 14 and 19. If you are serving younger youth, we recommend that you request an online review copy of Love Notes SRA EBP to determine how you think the content will work with them.

Q:  Why is training required before I can purchase the LN SRA EBP?

A:  Love Notes is based on a completely new theory of change to prevent pregnancy and increase protective factors. Building relationship efficacy, correcting faulty relationship beliefs, developing healthy intimate partner connections, and seeing your life and relationships through the eyes of a child are topics that are not generally covered in traditional pregnancy prevention programs. Our aim in requiring training is to build competence and confidence in instructors to deliver this information with fidelity because we all want to replicate the strong results of the University of Louisville study.