Dating Smarts

A Bit More Than Friends – for younger teens

by Marline Pearson, MA
Grades: 5-9Love U2 Dating Smarts Collage
Length: 6 one-hour lessons
Format: Activities, discussions, lectures, readings, and video

Most pre-teens have little preparation for the challenges of adolescence – particularly in matters of the heart. This compact 6-lesson program helps them, in very practical ways, understand and manage their first experiences with attractions, emotions and young love.Dating Smarts uses highly engaging activities to explore essential aspects of early relationships – attraction, infatuation, feelings, rejection. Kids learn the “how-to” skills of what to say and do, as well as ways to really get to know someone, and to build a relationship.

The messages in Dating Smarts are respectful, affirming the value of early romantic experiences while offering perspective how these grow and change over time.Stories from The Art of Loving Well Anthology, as well as episodes from the My So-Called Life teen TV series (optional) are used.

“Dating Smarts ” Instructor’s Manual includes:

  • Instructor’s Guide with 6 lessons
  • 3 Posters
  • Ready to Use Game Cards
  • Resource CD with lesson by lesson PowerPoints and Reproducible Masters
  • My So Called Life – Available to rent at most video stores and/or to purchase on Amazon. Episodes can also be downloaded for free
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Dating Smarts: Instructor’s Kit
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