Preparing Youth, Enriching Relationships, Inspiring Futures!

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  1. Student Workbook

    PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE: Additional Digital Student Workbook Subscriptions


    (SKU: D-PEI-S)

    This license provides online access to the digital PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE student workbook for 1 year. Learn More
  2. Instructor's Kit



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    PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE Group Set Includes: PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE Instructor's Kit 30 Student Journals Learn More
  3. Instructor's Kit

    PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE: Instructor’s Kit

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    PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE: Instructor’s Kit

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    Decades of research have established the Prepare/Enrich assessment as a reliable way to uncover strengths and weaknesses of romantic relationships – and to predict long-term outcomes. Key conclusions from these studies form the basis for Prepare-Enrich-Inspire for Teens (PEI), a major new relationship curriculum developed by The Dibble Institute for teen audiences.

    Also available as an online subscription.
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  4. Love and Friendship (17 x 22 in.)



    (SKU: PEI-PS)

    The posters reflect key aspects of relationships: intimacy, love and friendship, change, and navigating the world of relationships.

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  5. Student Journal

    PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE: Student Journals (pack of 10)


    (SKU: PEI-S10)

    PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE Student Journals(pack of 10)

    Also available as a subscription in digital format, here.

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