Learn Skills to Support Your Wellbeing with Mind Matters Now

On-demand learning

When The Dibble Institute released our Mind Matters curriculum, instructors in many settings told us they saw its positive impacts in participants, classrooms, families, and communities. Now the content is available in an all-new format known as Mind Matters Now, designed for professionals and caring adults to develop Mind Matters skills on your own schedule!

Mind Matters Now is an on-demand, self-directed learning experience. Based on current neuroscience research, the content is designed to support participants as they address stress responses rooted in prior and current trauma. Available in a full 12-lesson format or in three 4-lesson bundles, Mind Matters Now will teach you practical skills for tending to yourself in tough moments. You’ll practice techniques that help you pause, build hope, and move forward even when you feel stuck. We also have Continuing Education Credits available!

The original Mind Matters curriculum is still available for purchase and training is offered. Developed for delivery as a stand-alone workshop or in one-on-one sessions, Mind Matters is a favorite tool for instructors reaching teens and adults of any age.