Newsletter: April 2006

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterApril, 2006Dear Friends,We are excited to introduce to you a new report by the Dibble Institute’s own Marline Pearson called Making a Love Connection: Teen Relationships, Pregnancy, and Marriage – co-authored with Barbara Dafoe Whitehead and made possible by funding from the Achelis Foundation. It makes a compelling case for decreasing teen pregnancy as one means to increase the proportion of children who grow up in healthy, married families.The authors discuss the increasingly prolonged passage from adolescence to adulthood and the extent to which young people are bombarded by sexual messages.  They note that many young people are in the dark about the economic and social benefits of a low-conflict and long lasting marriage for men, women, and children.  They also describe what they call the  “success sequence”—the optimal timing of sex, marriage, and parenthood.The authors also outline ways to help teens develop positive expectations for their current and future relationships and for family life.  The publication also includes a wonderful foreword by National Campaign Board members William Galston and Stephen Goldsmith.For more information about this report, please go to  making a Love connectionKay ReedPresidentThe Dibble InstituteP.S. Remember that the Fifth Annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy takes place May 3, 2006. The National Day is organized to reach teens directly through an innovative, online quiz. On May 3, 2006 (and for a few weeks thereafter), you can encourage teens to go online to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy’s website — — to take a short, engaging, and informative quiz that asks teens to reflect on the best course of action in a number of tough and realistic sexual situations.