Newsletter: August 2003

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterAugust 2003CONNECTIONS – Revised and Updated! “Ten Things Teens Should Know about Marriage” PamphletDear friends,It has been many months since our last e-newsletter. During that time we have been busy working on two exciting projects here at the Dibble Institute.First, we have revised and updated the CONNECTIONS: Relationships and Marriage curricula. The Dibble Institute partnered with PREP ®, Inc. from Denver, Colorado to create a revised and expanded version of our popular and effective youth relationship skills program. Those of you who subscribe to will recognize that PREP ® as one of the preeminent and best researched adult programs around. The revised program is called Connections + PREP ®: Relationships and Marriage.Scott Stanley, Howard Markman and Natalie Jenkins from PREP ®, Inc. in their foreword for the new program state, “Connections has a unique place in the spectrum of tools that are available to help high school aged children as they develop their beliefs and expectations about marriage and family. A recent review of the available high school curricula concluded that Connections was tops. Connections received particularly high marks for its blending of solid information, values supporting marriage, and direct teaching about marriage.”They go on to say, “However, we think we have been able to add some elements to an already great program, especially in terms of knowledge about marital success and failure and some strategies for improving one’s odds. We believe that Connections + PREP ® is a very strong, state-of-the-art, tool to help you in your mission to help young people.”The new edition has added three new lessons and has revised its previous 15 lessons for a total of 18 lessons. Additional topics include: expectations, problem solving, relationship danger signs, communication techniques, commitment and cohabitation. The program includes all you need to teach the program including overheads, reproducible handouts and game cards. Just like the original version, it is very user friendly!CONNECTIONS: Relationships and Marriage REVISED EDITION! Available: August 1, 2003 Author: Charlene R. KamperInstructor’s Kit: $179 10 Student Workbooks: $55 Starter Package (Instructor’s Kit + 30 student workbooks): $330 Shipping and Handling – 10% of orderWe still have some of the original student workbooks for those of you who would like to use them with the first edition. Please note that the current student workbooks will soon be out of print. Early ordering is advised.If you have the current Connections + PREP ®: Relationships and Marriage edition, you may purchase the new edition’s Instructor’s Kit for only $139 until September 30, 2003. To receive this $40 discount, mail the colored cover (not a copy or fax) of the current Instructor’s Kit along with your order.The second project we have been working on is a small, easy to read pamphlet called TEN THINGS TEENS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MARRIAGE. By David Poponoe and Barbara Dafoe Whitehead from the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University.According to recent surveys of American teens, most expect to get married someday, yet they often have little information about how to prepare for marital success in the future.Since teens begin to draw roadmaps for their future during their high school years, the Dibble Institute for Marriage Education commissioned a marriage facts brochure for teens and the people who work with them. Teen-friendly, brief, concise and supported by solid social science research, the brochure enumerates some of the ways teens can influence their own chances of having a successful marriage in their future. In ten simple statements, the brochure addresses skill development, relationships and marriage education, the importance of making good choices in youthful relationships, the advantages of postponing marriage past the teen years and the choices and habits that may have a negative impact on marriage.This is a tool that will give teachers, parents and teens themselves a solid factual basis for thinking and talking about marriage.There are several ways to receive a sample copy. You can view the brochure at . Or, send a self-addressed stamped business size envelope to the address below and we will send you one back. We will also include one pamphlet FREE with every paid order. The pamphlet can also be purchased in packs of 50 for $18.We are please to make these two new tools available to you to help you reach teens and young adults who both need and want the skills and the confidence to start and sustain a healthy marriage.Thanks for all your good work!Kay

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