Newsletter: August 2009 – Part II, Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships Launch

Introducing…New Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships – Relationship Skills for Health ClassesDear Friends,Here’s some good news about expanding our audience for teen relationship skills training.  New Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships by Char Kamper – a ground-breaking relationship skills program designed for health classes. Why all the excitement?Currently, most relationship skills programs are taught in Family Life classes.  Healthy Choices, for the first time, gives us the tools to reach an even larger audience – students in health classes.As you know, Health Education is mandated in most states. It’s also an ideal environment for teaching relationship skills because many Health Ed standards align directly with many Relationship Skills messages.With Healthy Choices, putting the two areas together becomes both sensible, and surprisingly simple.For health teachers who aren’t accustomed to teaching relationship skills, Healthy Choices delivers a professional, ready-to-teach program that integrates into existing structures.For teens, the curriculum provides clear messages and engaging activities about building healthy relationships. Students examine how family and media shape expectations about love and life. They discuss positive dating behaviors, identify and prepare for potential dangers, explore the nature of mature behavior, practice problem solving, and more.Order Now…Shipping is FREE until September 31, 2009.You find many more details about Healthy Choices, including a free sample lesson, on our website.  Better yet, you can try the program without risk – and get free shipping – if you act quickly. To order, visit www.DibbleInstitute.orgor call 800-695-7975.As always, we hope you’ll send us your comments and ideas.   If possible, please spread the word to others in your newsletters, links, and recommendations.Thanks for your time and interest.

Best Regards,Kay ReedExecutive Director

P.S. Will you help us introduce others to Healthy Choices?  Just give us a mention in your newsletters, links and meetings.  Your efforts can make a big impact in entering this new market