Newsletter: February 2009 – Part I

Building Healthy Relationship Skills Newsletter – February 2008, Part I

  • NEW! RelationalityTM The Amazingly Real-to-Life Game About Relationships! Educator’s edition
  • Native American youth grant opportunity
  • NPR gets inside the minds of teen girls
  • T he Dibble Institute calendar

Dear Friends,I’m delighted to introduce you to RelationalityTM, our new board game for teens and adults. This innovative game offers a fresh approach to teaching relationship skills – one that’s highly informative, research based…and great fun.RelationalityTM uses role playing and realistic scenarios to help teens experience the dynamics of decision making in many areas of their lives.With the toss of the dice, players move around the board, facing choices about money, education, work, romantic and sexual activity, living arrangements, children…and more!Just as in real life – each decision has consequences which affect emotional and financial well-being – consequences based on current, independent research.And, as in life, winning is determined by how many good relationship decisions are made in the game, not luck or money.There’s a lot more to know about RelationalityTM:

  • You get a complete package, ready to use and built to last.
  • It’s playable on multiple levels, from relative simplicity to challenging complexity.
  • Playtime is variable – from 45 minutes to several hours.
  • Results are skill based, but each game is very unique.

You’ll find more details about RelationalityTM on our website. And remember, you can purchase it with NO RISK. As with all Dibble products, your satisfaction is guaranteed.To place your order, visit or call 800-695-7975 for personal assistance.As always, we hope you’ll send us your comments and suggestions. And, thanks for your interest.Best Regards,Kay ReedExecutive Director

Native American Youth Grant OpportunityThe Administration for Children and Families has just announced the Family Preservation-Improving the Well-Being of Children Project Implementation (HHS-2009-ACF-ANA-NI-0059) grant.One of the goals of the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) Family Preservation Program Announcement (PA) is to increase the percentage of youth and young adults who have the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about healthy relationships, responsible fatherhood, and family preservation.Some of the activities eligible for funding include:

1. Projects that provide youth education in high schools, youth organizations and community centers on the value of healthy relationships and marriages. This can include education on healthy relationship skills including conflict resolution, communication and commitment. Projects should use a pre-marital education curriculum focused on youth.2. Projects that provide youth education in high schools, youth organizations and community centers on the value of responsible fatherhood and family preservation.

The Dibble Institute would be pleased to partner with your organization as you develop your logic model, select a pre-marital, youth focused, community sensitive curricula, and seek letters of support. The Love U2, Connections, and Art of Loving Well curricula work well with the grant’s healthy relationships and fatherhood objectives and, most importantly, are research based, evaluated programs that teens and teachers love!If you have questions about how The Dibble Institute can help you write a successful application, please email Joyce Huff, Director of Outreach, at

NPR Gets Inside the Minds of Teen GirlsThe National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy reported in their December 19 EGRAM that KERA, the National Public Radio outlet for northern Texas, has launched, Boyfriends, a year-long series on “the way adolescent girls form and maintain relationships.” Beginning with a series of radio reports about four teenagers who are coming to terms with pregnancy, KERA reporter Sujata Dand will follow these teens and others throughout the year and update her findings on the Boyfriends webpage. A television documentary is scheduled to air in the fall of 2009. We encourage you to visit the webpage and – for those of you out of KERA’s listening area – check out the episodes online.________________________________________________________________The Dibble Institute CalendarFebruary 25 – 26 Arkansas Association of Family and Consumer Science Conference Harding University, Searcey, AR Keynote: Kay ReedFebruary 25Training and Curriculum are FREE!Each attendee will receive a Connections: Dating & Emotions Manual.St. Louis Healthy Marriage InitiativeFlorissant Valley Community Center, Florissant, MOTraining: Joyce Huff

To register or for more informationContact: Bridget Brennan, Executive DirectorSt. Louis Healthy Marriage Coalition314-313-0613/ or

March 30, 2009 – Conscious Relationship Summit Here’s a great opportunity to listen to our own Kay Reed and Char Kamper speak about teens and healthy relationships without leaving home on March 30! Relationship Coaching Institute is hosting a virtual conscious relationship conference March 30-April 3, 2009 with 35 speakers and 5 tracks, all top experts in the relationship and personal growth fields (think Smart Marriages by telephone).For more information vist: 7 and 8 – Smart Marriage ConferenceShingle Creek Resort Hotel, Orlando, FLSchool & Youth Marriage Education ProgramsKay Reed, chair – CLICK FOR FLYER to post in your communityCONNECTIONS – Char Kamper, MALoveU2 – Marline Pearson, MA We have to start with the kids! Get trained research-based programs teach students the skills and knowledge that are central to building and maintaining healthy marriages. Curricula easily adapted to classroom, church, agency, and youth group settings.Each of these programs meets the Federal criteria for youth relationship education.Click for more information on the three training options:

The Dibble Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting healthy relationships and helping teens make wise choices! All of our materials are free of political or religious bias. Visit our Website & Catalog at , or call 1-800-695-7975.Our research based, best practice, developmentally appropriate programs – being taught across the country – teach students the skills and knowledge that are central to building and maintaining healthy romances and, eventually, marriages. Curricula are easily adapted to classroom, church, community, agency and youth group settings and are appropriate for Family and Consumer Science, career prep and English teachers; youth agency workers; independent living coordinators; abstinence and teen pregnancy prevention workers; camp and after school program staff; Healthy Marriage, CBAE, and Head Start grantees; youth pastors; social workers; and parents. Our activities are funded through sales of educational materials and services and through support from foundations, corporations and individuals.©2008 The Dibble Institute – Phone: 1-800-695-7975