Newsletter: January 2005

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterJanuary 2005New! “Communication Smarts: PREP ® for Teensis ready!(Free shipping til February 15 th! Save $25!)We’re delighted to announce the completion of Communication Smarts: PREP ® for Teens , the newest unit of Love U2®. This terrific program teaches young adults the practical skills of effective communication and conflict management for all their relationships.What’s particularly exciting: this material is specially adapted for teens from PREP ® the acclaimed, research based skills programs originally created for adult couples.In just seven lessons, teens become aware of the patterns that can damage relationships and learn ways to reduce those patterns. Just for example:

  • How to exit from escalating arguments,
  • Raising complaints and discussing difficult issues more effectively
  • Countering the “filters” that hinder clear communication.
  • Repairing relationships after a fight

And much more.Order now. Get free shipping (Save $25!) Offer expires February 15th!Communication Smarts: PREP ® for Teens costs just $249 (or $328 with the optional support materials). It’s a very low price for an entire course, lesson plans, a training skills practice video and other teaching tools – plus shipping is FREE if you order now.Look over the FREE SAMPLE LESSON online (, and I think you’ll agree — this is some of the most important material you can offer kids to help them during school and beyond.Best regards,Kay ReedP.S. Remember – there’s no risk – your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money is refunded. And stay tuned for “Love U2®: Baby Smarts”, coming soon .

See Marline Pearson explain her Love U2® program!Below is a link to a webcast from the National Governor’s Association featuring Marline Pearson entitled, “Starting Early – Talking About Healthy Relationships With Teenagers.”Go to andclick on the left Webcast Series Video Files September 2004.

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