Newsletter: January 2006

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterJanuary, 2006

Now in Spanish!Connections: Relationships and MarriageWe’re delighted to introduce a new resource for teaching Connections: Relationships & Marriage: a Spanish Supplement that translates all student materials into Spanish.As you probably know, Relationships & Marriage is one of our most popular courses for older teens, helping them handle the enormous – and conflicting – pressures involved in their romantic relationships.Many of the concepts in this program are challenging to teach, under the best of circumstances.  When students are less than fully fluent in English, both teaching and learning may be seriously compromised.The Spanish Supplement makes life easier for everyone involved:

  • Saves you time in preparing and delivering lessons.
  • Increases student involvement in exercises and activities
  • Improves student understanding of complex concepts
  • Builds participation from students’ families

Order now. Get free shipping (Save 10%!)Offer expires February 16, 2006The Spanish Supplement includes all materials that directly touch your students: the Student workbook and Keirsey Sorter, as well as all overheads and all game cards. (Note: the Teacher’s Manual is not translated. You can continue using your existing copy).Your cost for a master set of these materials is $79 – and you will only need to buy it once.  Packs of Student Workbooks are $55 for 10.  And remember – shipping is FREE if you order now.We’re delighted to finally have this new resource available – and hope to provide additional Spanish materials in the near future. Please let us know what you think!

Best regards,

Kay ReedP.S. You’ll be please to know that we found a translator with terrific credentials: he’s a native of Latin America, a professional translator – and a certified PREP®instructor.