Newsletter: January 2008 Part III

Dear Friends,

Here is a second terrific resolution you can easily keep for 2008! Resolve to teach teens the skills needed for healthy relationships now so they can become eventual masters of marriage –and receive the nationally acclaimed Love U2®: Relationship Smarts PLUS program for doing it!

Here’s how…

Join nationally acclaimed author Marline Pearson for anLove U2 – Relationship Smarts PLUS program at the Smart Marriages 2008 conference in San Francisco on July 6th!

To start…

You will receive….

  • Eight hours of thorough, in-depth training plus the Relationship Smarts PLUS Instructor’s Manual worth $325– an amazing value!

Then you will be able to…

  • Teach Love U2®: Relationship Smarts PLUS, the new hybrid edition of the Love U2 series based on a five year federally funded evaluation at Auburn University. You will gain confidence in teaching teen-adapted PREP© communication skills and in using activities, stories, real world teen scenarios, sculpting, drawing, games, popular music and film to teach relationship concepts and skills.

Most importantly you will learn how to use teen-friendly approaches to raise their understanding of the importance of the “success sequence”, i.e. education, job, marriage, before babies and to build a “story” of healthy marriage with youth. You will also be trained to engage parents as partners with the Parent/Guardian—Teen Connection activities.

I hope that you will join us at the Smart Marriage conference in San Francisco. If you want to see what goes on at the Smart Marriage Conference check out these 2007 speaker excerpts on YouTube!

I look forward to meeting you in San Francisco!

With all warm wishes for a happy New Year!

Kay ReedExecutive Director

P.S. This is an easy resolution to keep! Register now for this amazing training opportunity! All those who work with youth are welcome!

The Dibble Institute for Marriage Education is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to helping young people learn skills that enable successful relationships and marriages. We serve as a nationwide advocate and resource for youth marriage education. We publish materials which help teach teens healthy relationship skills.

Our research based, best practice, developmentally appropriate programs – being taught across the country – teach students the skills and knowledge that are central to building and maintaining healthy marriages.  Curricula are easily adapted to classroom, church, community, agency and youth group settings and are appropriate for Family and Consumer Science, career prep and English teachers; youth agency workers; independent living coordinators; abstinence and teen pregnancy prevention workers; camp and after school program staff; Healthy Marriage, CBAE, and Head Start grantees; youth pastors; social workers; and parents.

The Dibble Institute is non-religious and nonpolitical. Our activities are funded through sales of educational materials and services and through support from foundations, corporations and individuals.