Newsletter: June 2005

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterJune 2005Dear Friends,New! Love U2®: Baby Smarts: Through the Eyesof a Child!(Save up to $125)We’re delighted to introduce Baby Smarts: Through the Eyes of a Child, the final unit of Love U2® by Marline Pearson. This unit takes a unique approach to pregnancy prevention by putting the child at center stage. For perhaps the first time, teens are challenged to consider the consequences for children of having young, unprepared and unwed parents.Through a variety of lively strategies including drawing, sculpting, visuals, stories, video, music, activities and games, teens learn what babies need to thrive… about nurturing and socialization, how early experiences shape the future, why and how parents’ relationships really matter to kids, and much more.This unique strategy builds a critical knowledge base that powerfully motivates teens to avoid unwed childbearing as well as early sexual involvement.

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Baby Smarts costs just $249 for an entire course, lesson plans, a video, and much more – plus FREE shipping (worth $25) if you order by July 8, 2005.SUPER SPECIAL! If you’ve already purchased the other 3 units of Love U2, you can own Baby Smarts for just $149 – including shipping – when you order by July 8, 2005! (Proof of purchase required.)You’ll find a FREE SAMPLE Lesson from Baby Smarts at, as well an outline and more details. Please look them over and discover this surprisingly effective tool for meeting the challenge of teen pregnancy.Best regards,Kay Reed