Newsletter: March 2004

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterMarch 23, 2004Dear Friends,We are frequently contacted by the press, wanting to interview teachers of Connections or Love U2®. Rather than sending out enewsletters to the entire list every time we have a request for an interview, we would like to try to keep a list of teachers who are teaching either Connections or Love U2® and who are willing to be contacted by the press. Then, when we receive an interview request, we will contact one of you within the requested region.Please email ‘‘ if you are currently teaching Connections or Love U2® (or if you are going to be teaching either program through June) and if you would like to be contacted by the press for interviews. We will later create another list of teachers who will be teaching Connections or Love U2® in the summer/fall.Within your email, please specify which city and state you are located and which program you are teaching (Connections + PREP ®: Relationships and Marriage; Connections: Dating and Emotions; Love U2®: Becoming Smarter about Relationships, Sex, Babies and Marriage.)Please let us know how we can continue to assist you, and keep up your excellent work with youth!The Dibble Institute for Marriage EducationP.O. Box 7881 Berkeley, CA 94707800-695-79751-800-695-7975 fax