Newsletter: March 2005

New! Connections: Dating & Emotions – Revised and Expanded with PREP ®Concepts!(Free shipping until April 18! Save $24!)Good News! We’ve just completed a major revision of the acclaimed Connections: Dating & Emotions curriculum for younger teens.As you may know, this program helps kids understand their early relationships, and establish a strong foundation for later life. Appealing exercises help them prepare for dating, discover how relationships develop, identify potential problems, practice effective communication, learn to handle emotions, and more.The original Dating & Emotions is currently taught in more than 500 schools nationwide. The new version offers even more benefits…

• New content, including PREP® concepts such as relationship guidelines, myths, expectations, and harmful language.• Major enhancements to the teacher’s manual and workbook• Two all-new lessons (now, a total of 17)

Order now. Get free shipping (Save $24!)Offer expires April 18, 2005Dating & Emotions comes in a ready-to-teach Starter Pack with 30 workbooks for just $349. We also offer the Instructors Kit alone for $199. Either way, shipping is FREE if you order now.Dating doesn’t always come naturally. Connections: Dating & Emotions lets you assure students a solid, healthy base for their relationships. Please review the FREE SAMPLE LESSON online (, and let us know if you agree.Best regards,Kay ReedP.S. If you’re not familiar with PREP®, it is a leading communication training program for adult couples, reflecting extensive research on the factors that influence marital success and failure. Many PREP® principles are adapted for teens in the revised Dating & Emotions.