Newsletter: March 2006

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterMarch, 2006Dear Friends,Thank you for including curricula from The Dibble Institute as you write your CBAE grants. We are pleased to provide you and the teens you serve with best practices youth relationship and marriage education materials. We believe that our programs will enhance your abstinence initiative. These programs may be particularly valuable to continuing abstinence programming aimed at high school students.As you know, this year’s CBAE guidelines have very specific curriculum requirements. You are required to submit a “Curriculum Description” of any curricula that is used – up to six pages maximum. This information is now online at: Simply click on the CBAE Grant Info button to find descriptions of:.Connections-Dating and Emotions-Relationships and Marriage.Love U2®-Relationship Smarts-Communications Smarts-Baby SmartsWe have noted compliance of our programs with both Title V (A-H) and the CBAE 13 Themes as requested in the guidelines. We have written them in WORD for maximum flexibility for you.CBAE guidelines provide “Priority Consideration”for programs that include cultural sensitivity, healthy marriage information, sustainability, collaboration and evaluation. We have included a sheet addressing those considerations on the website as well.To order copies of the curricula, please order from our website or call 800-695-7975.For any other questions, please contact me directly.


Kay ReedExecutive DirectorThe Dibble Institutekayreed@dibbleinstitute.org510-528-7975