Newsletter – November 2009

Subject line: FREE teaching tools/ HCHR update/Boyfriends/TDI on the list/TDI calendar

Building Healthy Relationship Skills Newsletter –

November 2009

  • Download FREE teaching tools!
  • HCHR Character Survey update
  • NHMRC lists TDI curricula
  • Boyfriends documentary teaches relationship skills
  • The Dibble Institute calendar

Dear Friends,

Did you know our best practice curricula, activities, and posters have multiple, resource-stretching uses? All TDI programs can be used to supplement one another to create fresh new teaching opportunities, saving you time and money!

As a “thank you” for your good work, we’re offering two new FREE downloadable tools that make it a snap to multiply the uses of our Connections and The Art of Loving Well curricula: tip sheets created by author Nancy McLaren. These resources correlate the stories from the nationally renowned curricula, The Art of Loving Well, to lessons in CONNECTIONS:  Relationships & Marriage and CONNECTIONS:  Dating & Emotions! (And remember, that The Art of Loving Well stories are already included as part of all Love U2 units!)

If you’re teaching our newest unit, Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships, there is a newly revised Character Survey. Please download it from our website to replace the one used in lesson seven in your manual.

I’m pleased to announce that TDI curricula are listed by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center under a new report, Curricula & Programs Focusing on Health Outcomes for adolescents and youth.  Please read the listing below.

Now for a motivational reminder about why it’s so critical to teach our teens healthy social and emotional skills….

According to sociologist Paul Amato:…… if the United States enjoyed the same level of family stability today as it did in 1960 the nation would have 750,000 fewer children repeating grades, 1.2 million fewer school suspensions, approximately 500,000 fewer acts of teenage delinquency, about 600,000 fewer kids receiving therapy, and approximately 70,000 fewer suicides every year.

Remember, The Dibble Institute excels at teaching young people the critical social and emotional skills they build healthy romantic lives now and in the future. We are here to help you with award-winning programs that you can count on.

At this season of thankfulness, you are on our list!

With all warm wishes,

Kay Reed

Executive Director

P.S. Visit our catalog for more multiple use materials you can use to enrich your lesson plans and leverage your resources – it contains over 50 of the best resources on the market for teaching healthy romantic relationship skills to teens.


Boyfriends – teen documentary teaches relationship skills

Recommended by the National Campaign! Follow five teen girls as they make difficult choices about love, sex, and commitment in the new documentary Boyfriends.  Produced by North Texas public television station KERA, Boyfriends follows 5 real Texas teens who openly discuss their hopes and fears, choices of sex or abstinence, dependence and independence, and their dreams for the future. The girls are from different economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds and are featured with their boyfriends, parents, children, and friends.


National Healthy Marriages Resource Center lists TDI curricula: (If you want to see it in the full report, scroll down page to: MRE Curricula & Programs Focusing on Health Outcomes adolescent/youth.)

“New research-based relationship education curricula designed for use in public middle and high school classes, help teens acquire the concepts and practical skills for forming emotionally healthy, mature and ethically-sound relationships, and avoid early, risky sexual activity that has long term negative health consequences.  The following are examples of several research-based and evaluated curricula for teens whose development and dissemination is sponsored by The Dibble Institute.

LoveU2 is a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate curriculum that guides teens in building healthy relationships and making wise relationship choices.  An adaptation of LoveU2 for high-risk youth called Love Notes: Making Relationships Work for Young Adults and Young Parents, funded by the Annie E Casey Foundation is now being field-tested in several Youth Build sites.  Developer: Marline Pearson.

Relationships Smarts Plus is another adaptation of Love U2 being offered in several high schools in Alabama and evaluated by researchers at Auburn University.   More Information.

Connections is a nationally evaluated relationship and marriage program for teens with two versions: Dating and Emotions for middle school, and Relationships and Marriage for high school.

Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships – Character and Consequences. This new version of Connections for ninth graders, which combines material from the empirically tested PREP program, is now being piloted in Oklahoma high school health classes as a part of the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative. Developer:  Charlene R. Kamper. “


The Dibble Institute Calendar

Nov 6

Ball State Dept of Family and Consumer Science

Muncie, IN

Contact: Becky Adams, 765-285-5924

Training:  Connections: Dating and Emotions; Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships

Trainer: Char Kamper

November 12-13

California Associations of School Counselors Conference

Temecula, CA


Exhibitor: Char Kamper

November 12-13

Thriving and Inspiring After School Conference

Santa Rosa, CA

Information and registration;

Workshop: The Missing Link: Relationship Skills Education

Presenter: Kay Reed

November 19-20

MI Family and Consumer Science Educators Annual Conference

Lansing, MI

Information and registration:

Workshop: Understanding Character and Consequences

Presenter: Char Kamper

December 1-2

Indianapolis Youth Institute

Indianapolis, IN

Information and Registration:

Exhibitor: Nancy Lenk

March 4-7, 2010

California Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Ontario, CA

Information and Registration:

Exhibitors: Charlotte Worley, Char Kamper

March 16-20, 2010

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

125th National Convention & Exposition

Indianapolis, IN

Information and Registration:

Workshop: Topics in Teen Neuroscience

Presenter: Char Kamper

April 8-10, 2010

Pennsylvania Annual Family and Consumer Science Conference

Pittsburgh, PA

Information and Registration:

Workshop: Relationship Skills Education: developing a cultural roadmap (though the jungle)

Presenter: Irene Varley

Need a Speaker?The Dibble Institute can customize a keynote, plenary, or workshop to meet the individual needs of your organization. Our presentations are interactive, high-paced and exciting!

Simply let us know what you are trying to accomplish and we will do our best to get you there.

For more information, please contact Irene Varley, Director of Education, at 614-204-7574 (M-F, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time).


About The Dibble Institute

Founded in 1996, The Dibble Institute (TDI) is a private, nonprofit organization created to promote relationship skills training for youth, with a special focus on dating and romantic interactions. Our goal is to help young people gain the skills and knowledge essential for healthy romantic relationships now, and in the future. Some of our activities include:

  • Raising awareness of the needs for and benefits of helping young people learn the skills needed to navigate their romantic lives;
  • Developing and distributing teaching materials designed for use in schools and a wide variety of other settings,
  • Educating opinion leaders and policy makers;
  • Training teachers and youth instructors;
  • Consulting on effective implementation strategies and grant application approaches, and
  • Serving as a clearinghouse to collect and disseminate timely and relevant research and other evidence of the benefits of youth relationship education.

TDI programs are used in all 50 states and around the world in thousands of schools, youth agencies, and other youth programs impacting tens of thousands of young people. We are funded primarily by the sales of our educational materials and training programs. For more information, please visit

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