Newsletter: September 2006

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterSeptember, 2006Dear Friends:As school begins and we await the announcement of grant awards, we are very busy at The Dibble Institute. Trainings are being held in Ohio, California and Pennsylvania in addition to the conferences and workshops that our Outreach Educators are attending.  Please visit our new website section for more information on how to schedule or attend a Dibble Institute training. this newsletter we are including new studies and articles that were released over the summer. A summary and the links for more information are included for: Making A Love Connection co-authored by our Marline Pearson, The Success Story from an Iowa State Extension study, The Secret Love Lives of Teenage Boys from TIME Magazine, and Predictors of Success and Failure in Marriage by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, Ph.D.It is not too late to enter the Dibble Institute Lesson Plan Search.  We strongly believe that great materials that teach relationship skills to youth are being produced in classrooms across the nation.  Thus, we are hosting a lesson plan search in order to gather these lessons and disperse them to other teachers who are in need of fresh ideas.  Gift certificates for Dibble Institute materials will be awarded to the top entries.  For more information, please visit the following link:, there are opportunities for you to join other marriage leaders in your states to advocate for funds to be budgeted for marriage education.   If you would like more information or would like to join these efforts please email us at,Kay ReedExecutive DirectorThe Dibble Institutewww.BuildingRelationshipSkills.orgrelationshipskills@dibbleinstitute.org1-800-695-7975

The following articles can also be found on the Dibble Institute website. Please visit us at a Love Connection – The National Campaign to Prevent Teen PregnancyMaking a Love Connectiondocuments the powerful connection between still-high rates of teen pregnancy and the public policy focus on increasing the proportion of children who grow up in healthy, married families.Predictors of Success and Failure in Marriage – Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, Ph.D.Americans value marriage and seek it as a personal life goal. At the same time, many are finding it harder to achieve this goal. People today are more likely to live together before marriage, to postpone marriage until older ages, to divorce more and to remarry less, and never to marry at all. Why are so many Americans enchanted with the idea of marriage but increasingly disenchanted with being married? Social science research can help answer this question. For the full article, visit Success Story – Iowa State Extension StudyThe Dibble Institute Resource, Connections, was recently evaluated by the Iowa State Extension.  Click here for more information. Secret Love Lives of Teenage Boys – Time MagazineSocial Scientists who study young love are discovering that contrary to popular belief, male adolescents don’t just want to have fun.  For the full article, visit