Newsletter: October 2006

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterOctober, 2006


Dear Friends,

Last spring, the Dibble Institute launched an ambitious new program to increase the capacity of California Healthy Marriage groups to provide greater access to healthy relationship skills for California youth. And we’re pleased to announce that the response has been tremendous!

Thanks to a grant funded by the California Healthy Marriages Coalition, we’ve networked with hundreds of individuals and organizations to increase public awareness about healthy relationship skill curricula for teens and to facilitate the use of these programs in schools, youth groups, counseling centers and faith communities. The good news is that many people – teachers, counselors, pastors and youth workers – have stepped up to the opportunity with enthusiasm and commitments to purchase and implement these educational programs as soon as possible. And the even better news is that government funding is now available to help them do just that!

The nine Healthy Marriage Coalitions below have partnered with the Dibble Institute to begin implementing healthy relationship skills education for California youth by the end of the year. They represent diverse regions of the state, diverse teen populations, and diverse organizational affiliations, but all are committed to prioritizing healthy marriages and family life. If you do not already have an organizational “home” we would encourage you to consider joining one of these groups in order to network; receive support from others who share your interests; share skills and information; and possibly to share funding opportunities. Service areas are indicated in the organizational information.

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