Newsletter: October 2007

Building Relationship Skills NewsletterOctober 2007

Dear Friends,

We’re delighted to introduce Relationship Smarts PLUS, a new unit in the popular Love U2® series by Marline Pearson! Relationship Smarts PLUS is a revised and updated edition of Increasing Your Relationship Smarts(2004) and is based on the five-year federal evaluation study at Auburn University. This research-backed unit is a lively, comprehensive, 13 lesson curriculum that helps teens build the skills and knowledge necessary for making wise relationship choices now and in the future.

Relationship Smarts PLUS contains all the core relationship concepts of the first edition of Increasing YourRelationship Smarts such as maturity, values clarification, peer pressure, attractions and infatuation, building blocks for positive relationships, assessing relationship health, principles and building blocks of healthy relationships, a realistic concept of love, breaking up and more,  PLUS new cutting edge content.

NEW content focuses on:

  • date violence prevention
  • communication and conflict management skills
  • identity and future orientation
  • A unique approach to pregnancy prevention that educates about the needs of children and the importance of “sequence”, i.e. education, job, marriage before babies.

NEW features:

  • Student Teen Workbook that provides teens with the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and apply it to their own lives.
  • The “Parent/Guardian-Teen Connection” – a series of activities at the end of each lesson that conveys core content to parents/guardians and serves as a catalyst for critical teen-adult conversations.
  • Plenty of background information to aid the instructor in delivering the lessons.

NEW flexibility for use in diverse populations and settings:

  • Relationship Smarts PLUS is designed to work well with diverse youth. It is written in a style that is easy for teens to understand and includes “common” teen language. The curriculumis chock-full of activities that employ real-world scenarios created with the help of scores of diverse young people as well as stories from the anthology, The Art of Loving Well.
  • Relationship Smarts PLUS is designed for use in the classroom or a variety of other youth settings.

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Kay ReedExecutive Director

Love U2® “Relationship Smarts PLUS” NEW!!!

Love U2 Relationship Smarts PLUS

  • Instructor’s Guide with 13 lessons
  • Student Workbook
  • 5 posters
  • All activity resources and ready to use game cards
  • Resource CD with lesson by lesson Power Points, that provide more resource materials to teach the lessons and  help you visually reinforce key concepts from chapters.
  • Reproducible handouts

Order Relationship Smarts PLUS by November 26, 2007 and get free shipping – a savings of over $30!More about Relationship Smarts PLUS, including FREE SAMPLE Lesson

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