Office of Adolescent Health

Love Notes EBP Program Overview


Marline Pearson, MA Published by The Dibble Institute

Program Summary

Love Notes is a comprehensive healthy relationship education curriculum that teaches adolescents and young adults (14-24) how to build healthy romantic relationships, prevent dating violence, and improve impulse control. The program is designed to build young people’s skills for cultivating healthy relationships, selves, and sexual behaviors: planning and pacing relationships and sex, self-efficacy and resilience around relationships, proven communication skills, and understanding how family formation impacts children.    Love Notes consists of 13 one-hour lessons on decision-making, communication, and sexual and overall safety. The program can be delivered in multiple settings, such as community-based organizations, faith based agencies, community centers, social service agencies and resource centers in schools.

Target Population

Love Notes was designed for older youth and young adults (14-24) who are at-risk of an unplanned pregnancy or already pregnant or parenting. It was evaluated with youth between the ages of 14 and 19 years who had never been pregnant or caused a pregnancy.

Program Setting

Love Notes was designed to be delivered in a variety of settings including community-based organizations, faith based agencies, community centers, social service agencies, workforce development programs, and resource centers in schools. Love Notes was evaluated in community-based organizations.