Age Group: 13+
Author: Rebecca L. Brooks, M.A.

The Amazingly Real-Life Game About Relationships

Relationality™ is a board game with a new approach to teaching relationship skills to teens – one that’s highly informative, research based…and great fun.The game uses role playing and realistic scenarios to help teens experience the dynamics – and results – of their life choices. With the toss of the dice, players move around the board, facing different choices about money, education, work, romantic and sexual activity, friendships, lifestyles, living arrangements, marriage, children…and more!

Just as in real life, each decision in the game carries consequences which affect emotional and financial well-being – all based on independent research. Likewise, winning is determined by how many good relationship decisions are made in the game, not by luck or money.


This edition includes the complete game package plus a 15-page Instructor’s Guide entitled “How to Get the Most out of Relationality™,” written by the creators of Relationality™. The guide includes game options, a variety of teaching suggestions, as well as an extensive bibliography of relevant research.

Game Concept

Relationality™ is a research-based board game that teaches players how to make smarter decisions about dating, marriage, parenting, communication, and budgeting.The game was developed to supplement other lessons about relationships.  It takes a little while to master the rules, but this assures true to life scenarios and challenges. Furthermore, since each game is unique for each player, and the game becomes more involving as players become more skilled.

Unique Features
  • Research-based board game about relationships!
  • Very realistic
  • Rules Booklet includes 53 items of supporting research
  • Highly interactive and conversational
  • A game that lasts – different every time you play
  • Not threatening or preachy – just teaches the facts while playing a game!
  • Includes real-life dating and family outing ideas
Game Play
  • Players role-play real or hypothetical relationships.
  • Players play alone as a Single Team or join with another player to play as a Living Together or Married Team.
  • Players travel continuously around the board making real-to-life decisions about life and relationships – including Money and Budgeting, Education, Employment, Substance Abuse, Dating, Sexual Abstinence, Sex, Abuse, Romance, Cohabitation, Marriage, Pregnancy, Children and Parenting, Communication, Affairs, In-Laws, Household Management, Friends, Priorities, Crises…and more!
  • Players experience unexpected life crises and must adapt accordingly.
  • Players on Living Together and Married Teams must discuss and agree on their decisions, or face big penalties.
  • Winning is determined by the relationship decisions players make throughout the game, not by chance or who has the most money in the end.
Who Can Play?

Perfect for teens, young adults, families, singles, living together couples, engaged couples, and married couples of all ages.

Educational Value
  • Teaches relationship FACTS rather than commonly accepted myths (for instance, shows that cohabitation is not the same as marriage).
  • Appropriate for use in many different venues.
  • Relationality™ is a non-religious and non-partisan game.
Rebecca L. Brooks, M.A.
While working with youth in Southern California, Rebecca Brooks, M.A. noticed that many of her students’ problems revolved around their relationships – with their parents, their peers, and their parents’ relationship with each other. She concluded that teaching people how to have healthy relationships and marriages was essential to the health of our families and society.After joining The Dibble Institute as Director of Educational Services, Rebecca traveled around the country making presentations on the need for relationship and marriage education.In 2004, Rebecca and her husband Rob began developing a research-based board game called Relationality™: The Amazingly Real-to-Life Game about Relationships.  Their goal was find a creative way to teach relationships facts  – not mass media mythology – in order to reach as many people as possible. After testing, adapting, and updating the research in the game, Relationality was released in December, 2008. Rebecca graduated from Pepperdine University and holds her masters from Princeton. She lives with her husband and two young sons in Los Angeles.
What Others Have to Say

“Relationality™ is a great fun way to practice for real life before you live REAL LIFE. Relationality™ is a great way to practice the skills and thought processes we all need to succeed in life.”

Joan Fossum, Educational Consultant, New Hampshire Department of Education

“Finally, someone has come up with a game that students can really relate to, and that educates them at the same time! Relationality™ is fast-moving and it provides so many real-life variables that my students can’t wait to see what will happen next! They actually get so involved in their game relationships that they’re disappointed when it’s time to stop!”

Carole Delap, Family and Consumer Science Teacher, Visalia, CA

Carole’s students: Visalia, CA

“Relationality™ is a great game!!! No only is it fun, but it’s also a learning experience. This game provided real life encounters that we may have to deal with in the future. It makes you realize how difficult or easy life can be by little but critical decisions.”

BB, grade 12, age 17

“I think it’s a really good game to show you what really goes on when you’re out on your own as adults. There’s a lot of surprises and decisions to make!”

CS, grade 11, age 15

“This game is so fun; it’s interesting to see what will happen to you.”

HB, grade 12, age 17

“I love Relationality™! It is so realistic and exciting to play. A great game for a group of friends.”

BH, grade 12, age 17

“It’s a great game to play with your friends at a sleepover. But it’s even more fun when a guy plays!”

AT, grade 12, age 17