Pathway Inc., Toledo, OH

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Case Study Responsible Fatherhood



Pathway Inc. Toledo, Ohio

Program Name: Brothers United
Funding: Responsible Fatherhood from the Administration for Children and Families
Problem Being Solved: 

Curricula used:

Low father involvementDisconnection from the workforce

Love Notes 2.1

Curricula benefits: Dynamic material that speaks to the youth in so many ways
Target Audience: Young fathers ages 16-19
Audience  Demographics: We target young fathers who are not in school, criminal background, drug and alcohol issues, mental health issues.
Class size: 5-10; one-on-one when necessary
Location of instruction: Local Community Centers, Libraries and Churches
Length of instruction (number of sessions and hours per session): Our curriculum is 78 hours which includes fatherhood, healthy relationships, money management and workplace skills.
Instructors: All staff trained in all curriculum. All curriculum is evidence- based – Primary facilitators along with another staff.
Student Workbooks: Workbooks are distributed daily during class sessions We keep the books until they are complete
Program Recruitment: Bus Stops, Libraries, Some Schools, Community Centers – In the 10 worst neighborhoods in Toledo, Ohio.
Program Retention: Lots of phone calls, text messages, FB messages, participant assistance.
Incentives to students: Students receive $75.00 gift cards at 3 weeks and 6 weeks.

We serve food daily and special trip to Golden Corral on the last day.

Observable outcomes: Immediate participation and they learn and grow quickly.

The retention on the curriculum is exceptional and our data outcomes are excellent.

Unique Implementation: Individual instruction, if needed.
Challenges: Recruitment of the fathers- We weren’t sure if there were young fathers in the amount that we needed them.
Tips: Allow the curriculum to speak for itself- Let the youth talk and you just listen you will learn so much more!