Preparing Youth, Enriching Relationships, Inspiring Futures!

By: Jessica Nixon Pool, M.S. and Amy K. Olson, M.A.Based on the work of David Olson, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Family Social Science, University of Minnesota

Content: 10 Lessons
Grades: 8-12 and young adults


Decades of research have established the “PREPARE/ENRICH” inventory as a reliable way to assess strengths and weaknesses of adult romantic relationships – and predict long term outcomes. Key findings from these studies form the basis for the PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE (PEI) curriculum created by Dibble for teen audiences.

The 10 lessons of PEI introduce teens to the insights and skills that affect success in all types of relationships: self awareness, expectations, communication, conflict resolution and planning. Reflecting teen preoccupations, romantic attachments take center stage in lessons about dating, love, intimacy, marriage and families. A variety of pre- and post- assessments assure maximum impact from the program.

Course materials include:

  • Lesson plans
  • Reproducible Worksheets, Handouts, Game Cards
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Pre/Post Assessments for each lesson
  • Student Journals (priced separately)
  • 4 full-color Posters

Course Topics:

  • Relationships and You
    • Relationships and You
    • Knowing Yourself
  • Dating, Marriage, and Family
    • Friendship, Love, and Intimacy
    • Navigating the World of Dating
    • All in the Family
    • Before You Say “I Do!”
  • Skills To Help Improve Relationships
    • Communication in Relationships
    • Improving Communication in Relationships
    • Conflict in Relationships
    • Healthy Relationships: From Dreams to Reality

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Instructor’s Kit

Group Set for 30 
PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE Student Journal10 Student Journals PEI Poster: Love and Friendship4 Poster set

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PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE 1 Year Digital SubscriptionPREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE: 1 Year Digital Subscription PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE: Digital Student Journal 1 Year SubscriptionPREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE: Student Journal 1 Year Digital Subscription
PREPARE-ENRICH-INSPIRE 1 Year Digital Subscription to Individual LessonsIndividual Lessons: 1 Year Subscription