Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0 Classic – Instructor’s Kit


13 Lessons for Teens About Love and Romance

SKU: RQ+4.0
Marline Pearson, MA
Length: 13 lessons
Ages: 12-16 years

Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0 offers 13 lessons with concepts such as attraction and infatuation, building blocks for healthy relationships, the low-risk dating strategy, gauging relationship health, the nature of true intimacy and breaking up. The program also offers a unique approach to pregnancy prevention by building an awareness of its impact on children.

For more information on Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0 Classic, including a course outline, sample lesson, research and evaluations, and more, please visit the Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0 program overview.

Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0 Classic – Instructor’s Kit includes:

  • Instructor’s Manual
  • Participant Workbook
  • Reproducible Handouts
  • Reproducible Activity Resources
  • Downloadable Lesson Power Points
  • Ready-to-Use Game Cards

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