The Amazingly Real-to-Life Game About Relationships

Educator’s Edition

By: Rebecca L. Brooks, MA

Ages: 13 – adult
Length: 45 minutes and up

Relationality™ is a board game with a new approach to teaching relationship skills to teens – one that’s highly informative, research based…and great fun.The game uses role playing and realistic scenarios to help teens experience the dynamics – and results – of their life choices. With the toss of the dice, players move around the board, facing different choices about money, education, work, romantic and sexual activity, friendships, lifestyles, living arrangements, marriage, children…and more!

Just as in real life, each decision in the game carries consequences which affect emotional and financial well-being – all based on independent research. Likewise, winning is determined by how many good relationship decisions are made in the game, not by luck or money.

Relationality™ is also highly versatile. It’s playable by 2-6 individuals or teams. You can adjust the complexity from basic to challenging. Playtime can vary from 45 minutes to several hours. Results are skill based, but each game is very unique.

The Relationality™ Quick Start Guide allows you to introduce the game to your class with minimal preparation.

Educator’s Edition includes:

  • Instructor’s Guide with playing options, step-by-step lesson ideas, and extensive bibliography.
  • Large, colorful heavy duty Game board
  • 160 Option cards; 80 Event cards; 40 Fun cards; 114 Picture cards; 100 Budget cards; play money; ring tokens; dice; instruction
  • Sturdy storage box
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Educator’s Edition