Relationship Smarts PLUS 4.0 – Sexual Risk Avoidance Adaptation

By: Marline E. Pearson, MA

Length: 13 LESSONS

Ages: 12-16

What is Relationship Smarts Plus SRA?

Relationship Smarts PLUS (RQ+) Sexual Risk Avoidance Adaptation helps teens make healthy relationship, dating, and sexual decisions for themselves by focusing on their futures. It is a lively, media-infused and activity-based comprehensive healthy relationship skills and sexual risk avoidance program for young teens. The curriculum’s 13 lessons embody an innovative and integrated approach that addresses positive youth development, life skills, healthy relationships, communication/conflict management, dating violence, and sexual delay and risk avoidance.

What’s new with Relationship Smarts Plus SRA?

RQ+ SRA is an adaptation of Relationship Smarts Plus 3.0. It includes all the core concepts, skills, and activities from the original RQ+. However, it has been adapted to meet the guidelines outlined in the Healthy Relationships Act of 2017 that set the stage for federal SRA grant funding.

What are Relationships Smarts Plus SRA’s core messages?

RQ+ SRA core messages include the following:

  • Self-awareness: Past influences, strengths/weaknesses, setting goals, clarifying values and relationship expectations, maturity, friendships and peer pressure.
  • Developing healthy relationships: Attractions, building blocks of positive relationships, how to assess relationships, realistic love, low-risk dating, “deciding vs. sliding.”
  • Problems, warnings and dangerous relationships: Break-ups and broken hearts, unhealthy and abusive behaviors, ways to exit safely, boundaries, dating violence.
  • Communication and conflict: Danger signs, time outs, anger regulation, the Speaker-Listener Technique, problem-solving.
  • A “heart-based approach” to sexual decision-making: What intimacy means, defining meaningful contexts, discovering positives of sexual delay (not just avoiding risks)
  • Skills for sexual delay and risk avoidance: Myths and facts on STDs and pregnancy, risky situations, dealing with pressure, refusal skills, developing plans.
  • The Success Sequence: Becoming aware of the benefits of following the sequence of education, employment, marriage before having a child. Developing a personal success plan.
  • Social media: The impact of “constant connection,” sexting realities and risks, personal polices on using social media.

Does Relationships Smarts Plus SRA include information about contraception?

In Lesson 11, RQ+ SRA presents medically accurate info on male and female anatomy and reproduction, and it addresses common myths about teen sexual activity and pregnancy. The lesson includes activities for teens to practice their refusal skills.

This lesson also presents clear and up-to-date information on STDs/HIV. While RQ+ SRA notes that condoms can reduce risks for STDs if used consistently and correctly, it also lists the most common mistakes people make in using them. The curriculum also includes family planning methods for married couples who wish to plan when to have a child. All of this information is presented in a way that does not norm teen sexual activity. There is no demonstration or distribution of contraceptive methods.

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