September 2018 Webinar

September 2018

Changing Attitudes: The Impact of Relationship Education on Predictors of Dating Violence

Relationship education targets common correlates of adolescent dating violence, such as gender role beliefs and dating violence acceptance. However, few studies to date have evaluated the influence of relationship education on these two correlates of adolescent dating violence and none have considered the differential and combined effects of participants’ sociodemographic characteristics.

In this webinar we will present a study examining the impact of youth relationship education, specifically the Relationship Smarts PLUS program, on adolescents’ gender role beliefs and dating violence acceptance. Moving beyond the current literature, we will also examine whether and how individuals’ sociodemographic identities, specifically their gender, race, and socioeconomic status, influence change following program participation. Using this information, we will offer suggestions for educators and program developers to further address the needs of youth moving forward

Presenter:Rachel Savasuk-Luxton, Ph.D., Research Specialist and Master Trainer, The Dibble Institute.

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