Success Stories

Relationship training

“At one point, two class members sat down and proceeded to work their problems out in class, using listening and communication skills taught in class. It worked!”
MH, Teacher, South Dearborn High School, Indiana

“Before this class, I never would have realized I was in an abusive relationship, let alone I never would have had the courage to leave. I thought that an abusive relationship only meant one member of the relationship hit the other. . I learned that I was being abused emotionally, and mentally. He told me all the time that he was the only person I could ever get, and if I left him he would turn all of our friends against me and make me a no one like I already was except worse. He told me that he would start nasty rumors about me and make my life hell. I believed him too. When we started getting more in depth with the unit, learning about warning signs and red flags, I realized I really wanted to leave. As we finished up the unit I learned how and where to break up with him. . I am with someone new now that treats me right, but if I ever start seeing some of the red flags or warning signs, I will leave him immediately.”
Pennsylvania Student: Female teen

I had a student who was in an abusive relationship, and she had been in this relationship for a couple of years. After going over Baby Smarts, she not only left the boyfriend, but pressed charges on him because at the time she was pregnant and he was still beating her.  I like that I could discuss issues in this curriculum that you don’t touch in the regular standard course of study. With Baby Smarts, the students seem to want to open up more and share relevant stories in their personal lives that enhance the curriculum.”
BW, Teacher, Newton-Conover High School, North Carolina

 “I realized that I was headed down the same road. I went home and saw how my mother’s life changed for her because she was pregnant at a very young age. She had to get married and she couldn’t go to college, she had to stay home and take care of her kid. My father had t o get a job and refuse a scholarship for track just so he could provide for his family. He became an alcoholic. After four children, they got a divorce; my mother remarried a man who her first four children dislike. I realized I do not want a life like this. So, instead of day dreaming in this class, I really started to listen.”
Colorado Student: Female teen

  “One student actually broke off her relationship with an emotionally abusive boyfriend. Students were able to relate the content to all relationships…friends, dating, parents, and teachers.”

 Dana Hols, Teacher, Dating & Emotions, Iowa


“I was already engaged when I took this course. However, even though we have worked together in this book, we have decided to cancel our engagement. We believe that we are both young and should just make it through the years and school first. WE are still very close and talk about our futures together. We just want to take things slow.”
Oklahoma, Female Teen

“I have had many to come back and say that they re-evaluated their relationships and may have even ended certain relationships that were not healthy. They even gave advice to those who they felt were dealing with situations such as theirs. We did poems and had the students write one page to tell how well and how effective the curriculum was.”

SN, Teacher, North Carolina


 “This class definitely has taught me to stay away from drugs and alcohol. I don’t want to make a fool of myself and others. It’s not cool to drink when you’re under age, you’re just looking for a way to get yourself in trouble.”
Ohio: Female Teen


“When we had our assessments on birth control for example the scores were high. Creative assignments like posters showed the concepts requested very well. The prenatal cards were useful in reinforcing the role teratogens, stress, and nutrition in prenatal development. The Building Baby’s Brain was a big hit with the students and helped them apply what they had learned about infant brain development.

SJ, Teacher, North Carolina

“I would actually want to have some of these workbooks to give to my family and friends that are having issues. They always deny they are having problems, if I got them to fill out this workbook with their thoughts about relationships they would see it differently. I denied all my relationship problems thinking that I could.”
Male Teen

  “The students were excited about learning the material.  I overheard a few students talking about their current relationships with people outside of the class.  Their re-evaluation of what their relationship was based on was more than enough to convince me that they were learning about healthy relationships.  I have also seen changes in how many of my students are currently dating; they are beginning to realize that they are very young and maybe not ready for these commitments.”

BS, Teacher, Relationships & Marriage, Indiana