WEBINAR: Integrating Relationship Education into Health Classes

In this webinar attendees will: Learn how the healthy relationship skills program, Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships, (HCHR) meets National Health and Sex Education Standards from author and educator, Charlene Kamper. Learn how Kathy Schleier, from Dalton, GA, connected with Health teachers by meeting their needs and frameworks and is teaching HCHR in high school Health classes. Guest Presenters: Charlene Kamper, MA, CFLE, author of Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships and Kathy Schleier, PNP currently teaching HCHR in Health classes in Rome, GA.


WEBINAR: Love is in the Air! Preparing Students for Safe Proms and Spring Breaks

We often teach young people how to protect their bodies, but we seldom help them protect their hearts.Young people can learn low-risk dating strategies that help them avoid the pitfalls of spontaneous romantic encounters. Learn the relationship skills that encourage self-regulation and maturity, strategies for exciting precarious situations, and approaches others are using to help young people be more cautious and protect their hearts. Guest presenter: Nancy Lenk, Outreach Educator, The Dibble Institute