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WEBINAR: Scenario Tools to Thrive in a Post-Pandemic Future

The multiple pandemics of public health, racism, and climate change have created tremendous disruption across all institutions. Chances are your organization innovated its approach in ways you might want to keep and it is likely the post-pandemic future will not look like the past. Scenario tools can amplify diverse voices and help organizations and communities envision multiple futures in times of uncertainty. Scenario tools surface risks and opportunities to guide the adaptation of programs and operations. This session will teach practitioners the basics of scenario planning and provide a tool to guide responsive planning during times of rapid change. Objectives: Webinar participants will learn: How to compose a scenario planning team to ensure equity and benefit from diverse perspectives. How to use a scenario planning tool to surface key uncertainties and possible futures. How to embed scenario planning as a skill to enhance organizational nimbleness. Presenters: Sarah Di Troia, Senior Advisor, Project…