Project Management


WEBINAR: Using a Strategic Learning Agenda to Drive Action and Program Success

This session offers a practical approach for using a strong, prioritized learning agenda to organize a team’s evidence-building activities and support data-driven decision-making to support program success. A learning agenda is a set of questions that guide an organization’s evidence-building strategy and activities. It builds on an organization’s program and theory of change and strategy by prioritizing the learning questions that inform continuous improvement. Prioritization of questions and activities for a learning agenda should be aligned with organizational values, strategic objectives, developmental stage, and prior evidence level. A learning agenda is not static, and is not an end in itself. Rather, it is a means to surface evidence for decision-making. Objectives: Webinar participants will: Become familiar with learning agendas. Learn how to turn a learning agenda into a strategic learning plan. Understand how to use that plan to create action and inform decisions. Presenter: Gabriel Rhoads, Managing Director of Evaluation Services, Project…