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WEBINAR: Why Teens Hook-Up: Relationship Skills to Today’s Teens

What’s “hooking up” and why do teens do it? With 1 out of 4 first-time sexual relationships between teens one-time affairs, it’s clear that young people are often pressured to “hook up” and are unaware of how to make healthy decisions about their love lives. Most teens really want affection and connection, but often think sex is the only way to obtain it. As adults working with youth, we are often dismayed when turbulent relationships and untimely parenthood derail youth from the path to a promising future. Join us as we explore the “Hook Up” generation and how integrating Relationship Education can help teens develop skills to make healthy connections. Guest Presenter: Janet Pozmantier, M.S., L.P.C, L.M.F.T., R.P.T., Outreach Educator for The Dibble Institute Resources: Click Here


WEBINAR: The Dibble Institute: A Resource for Guiding Youth to Successful Relationships

Learn how The Dibble Institute can help you with free lesson plans and movie guides, research, resources and the best in evidence based and informed programs. The Dibble Institute meets its mission with your success! If your goal is to help teens and young adults succeed in Creating healthy and safe romantic relationships Reducing risky decision-making Developing positive assets and behaviors then this webinar is for you!