Help Prevent Teen Dating Violence

Teaching healthy relationship skills can prevent dating violence!

Prevent teen dating violence through  healthy relationship education! Reduce violence risk factors and build protective factors in youth. Check out these innovative programs help stop dating violence:

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What does teen dating violence look like?

To build awareness, educators and youth need to understand that teen dating violence comes in many forms:

  • Physical Violence
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Stalking
  • Cyber Violence
  • Sexual Abuse

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Below, you will find a series of scenarios from BeSmart BeWell to test your student’s knowledge about the types of dating violence that occur most frequently. Which forms of abuse do they recognize?

Julie: Stalking and Cyber Violence

Julie texts her friends all the time, especially her boyfriend, Joe. Joe always wants to know where Julie is, what she is doing, and who she is with. If she does not reply, Joe becomes very upset.

William: Emotional Abuse

William is tired of Paul’s cruel words. Paul says mean things, and William feels frustrated and hurt, but William is afraid to lose Paul’s companionship.

Carla: Sexual Harassment

Carla and Max have been dating for a couple months. At a party, Max pressures Carla to keep drinking, even after she is dizzy. Max gets really mad when Carla tells him to stop getting closer to her.

Michael: Physical Violence

Michael and Shannon have been dating for a while now. Yesterday, Shannon slammed Michael into a locker without warning, and it really hurt Michael.

Leah: Sexting

Leah’s friend Sarah is being pressured to send a topless photo. Even though Sarah does not want to send the photo, her boyfriend assures her that he won’t show the photo to anyone.