The Art of Loving Well

A Character Education Curriculum for Today’s Teenagers

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“I have personally observed Loving Well being taught in a number of classrooms across the socio-economic spectrum, and have had the chance to interview the teachers.  Moreover, I have piloted Loving Well myself with mainstream high schoolers at my church, alternative high school, with adolescents in juvenile correction programs, and high risk African American and Asian middle school girls. What I and other teachers have found is that literature is, in fact, an incredible tool.  Great stories and their lessons are remembered because they move us and draw us in emotionally – they touch us in a way that straight information can never achieve.”Marline PearsonSocial Science Instructor and author of Love U2 ® healthy relationship curriculum for youthMadison Area Technical College“Loving Well takes the normal English curriculum and blows it out into the real world.”Paul PatinaudeTeacherDudley, MA“Loving Well is one of the most exciting places of discovery that I have experienced in sixteen years of teaching.  To me, it’s been fascinating, an adventure that I could not have predicted before I started teaching this curriculum.”Phyllis KuttTeacherBrookline, MA“It sounds like a stupid title, but it teaches you a lot of things about life.”15-year-old boyLynn, MA“I have learned a lot from the Loving Well program.  I can now get along better with people and I can do more things on my own.  My Mom and Dad can see the changes in me and are proud of me for making good changes in my life.”high school juniorYarmouth, ME“I learned practically nothing from this Loving Well book.  I have already learned this stuff…by living my life and making mistakes…I guess I wish this book would have come out a lot earlier so I wouldn’t have to go through the things I did to learn about it.”8th grade girlDudley, MABath, ME 8th graders:“I know I don’t have real love now.  Loving Well made me realize that.  I just now realize how young I am and how I’m not physically or mentally ready for anything that demanding.  Before reading Loving Well I didn’t care and thought ‘Why not?’ But now I’m glad I never gave in and now I know I don’t want to.  I want to wait.”“This book did make me think “What am I doing with my life, it’s just going down the drain.”