Things to Know Before You Say "Go"

Activities for Classroom and Counseling

By: Elsbeth Martindale, PsyDGrades: 8-14Length: 30 activites (69 pages) plus 1 or 3 Question Card Decks.Things to Know Group Set

Many teens rush into intimate or risky relationships, with little knowledge of their partners or themselves.  These 30 classroom activities them discover what information is missing, and why it matters.Based on the original Things to Know question cards for individuals, the Activity Book expands this material for classrooms or other group settings.The 30 activities integrate the question cards with group discussions, games, brainstorming, and individual exercises.  Some of the topics include:

  • How relationships develop – different stages of relationships, the importance of pacing, why timing matters.
  • The emotional power of relationships. Positive and negative consequences of intimacy.
  • Why and what to learn about oneself and potential partners before jumping in.  What different behaviors reveal about a partner. Examining and comparing values, preferences, limits.
  • How to take an active role in creating relationships. Ways to gather and evaluate information. Communication skills. The downside of a passive approach.

When taken together, the activities give teens important, practical tools they can use to:

  • Assess a current relationship
  • Explore their readiness to deepen emotional or sexual involvement.
  • Evaluate a potential partner
  • Understand what went right – or wrong –in a past relationship

The Activity Book is available in two ways:

  • The Classroom Activity Pack includes 3 sets of Things to Know question cards.
  • The Small Group/Counseling Pack includes one set of Things to Know question cards.

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