Things to Know Before You Say "Go"

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As a college student I’ve found myself looking for a little guidance when it comes to serious relationships.  These cards ask all the questions I never thought of, allowing me to step back and look at my current and past relationships from a different angle.  I’ve gained a better understanding of my priorities and now feel like I have more control and confidence in the choices I’ll make in the future.  I recommend these cards to those looking for a new and versatile way to sort out desired values in both friendships and serious relationships.Matthew K, Sophomore, Virginia Tech

I thought that the cards raised important questions I might not have thought of before. The cards are especially good because they make you examine yourself AND your partner. They can work for anyone because you can decide how to use them and what is important to you.Natalie E, Senior, Oakland, CA

Elsbeth Martindale’s, Things to Know Before You Say Go, book and cards are an engaging way to get students thinking and talking about all-important relationship topics. At the high school level, students are developmentally ready to learn about themselves and analyze their love relationships, but often don’t know how to go about it. The book and cards present a fun, non-threatening path to self-knowledge and a way to open up to each other. I hope that many students will access the cards and become more thoughtful upon entering romantic relationships.Nancy SullivanLibrarianMadison High School

The Things to Know Before You Say Go cards and book are a handy and simple to use reference guide I wish I had had in previous relationships. I feel the awareness of self and the use of stages in a relationship mentioned throughout the book will help me make better choices in future relationships. When using the question cards, I found myself better understanding areas that I need to pay attention to earlier in future relationships.Alec R. (29) Tacoma, WA

I like to use the cards as a way of starting a conversation with my daughters.  I like that the cards are tactile and that I can nip away at them here and there, drawing a card at random and seeing what it brings up, for me as well as for my daughters. I like the option of sorting them into piles. I love the idea of my daughters using them when they move from friendship to more serious dating, to relationships and on to commitment.It’s so nice to have a visual thing that is not strictly a book… something you can shuffle up, put a few in a pocket, draw one of more at random. They are so much more versatile than a worksheet or a teaching guide with a binding. I would highly recommend this deck to others.  Oh, if we’d only had this deck when I was growing up.Tave Fasce Drake, Artist and Educator, Portland, OR

Elsbeth’s cards were very well received by my community college women in transition students. Also a great gift for your teen daughter who thinks the Twilight vampire books depict a desirable, healthy romantic relationship. Shoshana D. Kerewsky, Psychology Professor, Counseling Psychology and Human Services, University of Oregon

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