Things to Know Before You Say “Go”

DAA-AEP Winner 2012

Individual Card Game

Elsbeth Martindale, PsyD
Grades: 8-14
Length: 76 Question Card Deck with 192 page Explanation Book

Teens often move quickly into intimate or risky relationships, without knowing much about their partners …or even themselves.This engaging set of 76 “flash cards” helps these young people discover what information is missing, and why it matters.

Things to Know Before You Say “Go”

The process couldn’t be simpler or more teen-friendly. Each card asks teens basic questions about how their partner acts in varied aspects of the relationship. For example:

  • Does this person act differently in public than in private?…
  • How do they handle conflicts in our relationship?…
  • Do they follow through on commitments?…
  • Are they willing to listen to my feelings?…
  • How do they manage past romantic relationships?
  • And much more.

When taken together, the answers give teens a fuller portrait of whom they’re dating, what to expect in the future, and how to proceed in the relationship.  The accompanying book explains more about what different behaviors reveal about a partner, why each is important, and consequences to consider.

The Things to Know Before You Say “Go” Cards also can be sorted into groups to help teens clarify other situations:

  • Assessing a current relationship
  • Exploring their readiness to deepen emotional or sexual involvement.
  • Evaluating a potential new partner
  • Understanding what went right – or wrong –in a past relationship

Most importantly, the cards challenge teens – especially girls – to clarify what’s important to them, as individuals, in a romantic relationship.  Rather than waiting to “be chosen”, these teens become empowered to actively seek what they want and deserve.

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