Things to Know Before You Say "Go"

Card Game and Activities

AEP 2012 WinnerThings to Know Collage

The Things to Know Before You Say “Go” materials help teens learn more about themselves and their potential partners before entering intimate relationship.  Teens examine a vast range of behaviors and attitudes they may encounter when dating.  They assess which traits are most and least appealing and realize the need to know more before making a deep emotional investment.Things To Know places special emphasis on:

  • Taking an active role in selecting partners for dating and relationships.
  • Identifying one’s personal values, preferences, goals and limits in relationships
  • Understanding the breadth and depth of information to consider about a potential partner, how to get this information, and what to do about it.
  • Exploring the different stages of relationships and why these matter.
  • Gaining practical tools for evaluating past and current relationships.

Things to Know Before You Say “Go” is available in several variations –

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Activities Group SetClassroom Activity Pack (Activities Book with 30 exercises, 3 Card Games)

Individual Card GameIndividual Card Game (Compact box includes 76 Questions Cards and Explanation Book.) Quantity pricing available.
Activities PackageSmall Group/Counseling Pack (Activities Book with 30 exercises, 1 Card Game)

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