Healthy Start 2019

Applicant Toolkit

The 2019 Healthy Start Initiative: Eliminating Disparities in Perinatal Health Grant has just been announced.

Love Notes and Mind Matters can strengthen your grant proposal and intervention activities by improving family health and wellness in innovative and effective ways.

Love Notes – Relationship Skills for Love, Life, and Work

Love Notes 3.0 Instructor's Manual coverLove Notes, an evidence based program, builds skills and knowledge for healthy and successful relationships with partners, family, and friends. Developed especially for women and their fathers/male partners at risk for unstable and poor quality relationships, it has been proven to help dramatically reduce future unplanned pregnancies while increasing father involvement.

Research tells us that relationship instability and multiple partner fertility is highly likely among these young unmarried parents. Focusing on the developmental needs of children for safe, stable, and healthy homes, Love Notes helps young people see their intimate relationships “through the eyes of a child,” which provides a unique way to tap motivation and develop key parenting skills.  The skills embedded in Love Notes can help young parents slow down the relationship-go-round that is so common as well as can help those who wish to improve and stabilize their relationship.

Mind Matters – Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience

Mind Matters Journal-slide

Mind Matters supports the healing process in individuals who have experienced trauma. This research-based curriculum offers strategies to understand the effects of adversity and toxic stress, teaching them skills to soothe and calm their mental and physical stress responses.

Mind Matters is an effective precursor or accompaniment to programs that build relationship skills and equip vulnerable individuals for healthy futures because it helps clear away barriers to focus and learning. People who have experienced trauma often have difficulty regulating their emotional and verbal responses to common life situations and relationships. In 12 lessons, the course builds their resiliency by healing their brains, their health, and their lives.

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Price List for Love Notes and Mind Matters

Training Expectations

New clients:

To assure the success of your Healthy Start activities, we recommend the following training protocols…

  • Year 1-Three-day training for all instructional and supervisorial staff
  • Before or early in Year 2 – two day refresher/ booster training

Please call Training Coordinator, Cathy Guidry at 800-695-7975 or email her at Cathy @

Current clients:

Please call Training Coordinator, Cathy Guidry at 800-695-7975 or email her at Cathy @ to begin the needs assessment process and development of your personalized training plan.

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