What Clients Say

Training Testimonials

  • This training bonded and changed our team in a way that may not have happened without it.
  • I am glad I attended this training today because it was presented in such a way that was engaging and allowed us to experience some of the things that our students will experience/feel.
  • The Dibble trainer had so many tricks up his sleeves. It was very helpful to hear so many different strategies and techniques.
  • This session was not just about promoting their product! The presenter was informative and gave great examples from the program. I liked how the presenter interacted with the audience and I could tell how passionate she was about the material she was presenting.
  • The presenter did a great job and was very down to earth. Made everybody feel included irrespective of whether they were already doing the program or new.


“This training reinforced what I learned the first time and I was able to have more discussion on things that are working for us and what we focus on with our participants.  I think it is good to refresh this kind of training.”

Alicia E

“I want to thank you making the Love Notes curriculum training a rich learning experience for everyone involved.. Your knowledge of the curriculum and experience as a master trainer were very evident.

I appreciate your time and help in the planning phase. It helped me a great deal to see the agenda and brainstorm the best design for the training.”

–  Kathy Putnam, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina.

Thirty-three Cooperative Extension Family Consumer Sciences (FCS) County Agents from The University of Kentucky participated with great enthusiasm in a 1 day intensive Relationship Smarts Plus 3.0 training presented by Irene Varley, Dibble Institute Director of Education. The curriculum goals and supporting content are relevant to issues that the County Agents are reporting in their communities and for many, filled a gap in needed program material.

On behalf of Kentucky FCS, I appreciate Ms. Varley’s time and careful preparation to effectively teach the material and engage Agents with exercises specific to Kentucky. Ms. Varley’ s hands-on teaching approach allowed her to connect with her participants, listen to their needs and adapt the training as needed to highlight the material and satisfy participant goals.

Amy F. Hosier, Ph.D.
FCS Family Life Specialist