Curriculum Training

Curriculum training is essential to assure that your instructors deliver Dibble materials with fidelity while meeting the needs of the young people they serve. Our Master Trainers provide a highly interactive, in-depth experience for all Dibble programs.

Benefits of training your staff:

  • Enhance grant performance
  • Boost speed of grant implementation
  • Increase confidence and competence of instructors
  • Improve program fidelity

Learn more about our Training Expectations here.

All training clients receive Technical Assistance as part of their training package. We offer two hours of complimentary consultation per organization that have held or attended a Dibble training.

Training of Educators (TOE) will build the competence and confidence of your front line staff to deliver the content with fidelity.

A TOE includes:

  • Curriculum overview and theory of change explanation
  • In-depth lesson-by-lesson examination
  • Hands-on use of curriculum’s essential teaching tools.
  • Examples of the flexibility of curriculum implementation.

Upon completion of a TOE, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the philosophy and research base of the program.
  • Confidently implement the curriculum in a way that creates positive student outcomes.
  • Select the best lessons and activities to meet student needs
  • Formulate an organization plan for implementation, lesson utilization, and program fidelity.
  • Access two hours of complimentary Technical Assistance.

To schedule a TOE, complete our Training Inquiry form or contact us at 800-695-7975 or

Training of Trainers (TOT) is a rigorous training program leading to becoming a Certified Dibble Trainer in Love Notes, our EBP program.

The goal of the TOT is for trainees to learn the three-day Dibble Training Model in order to successfully conduct the Love Notes EBP TOE with their organization’s facilitators. Those facilitators will then effectively and with fidelity implement Love Notes with at-risk youth in multiple settings.

To schedule a TOT, complete our Training Inquiry form or contact us at 800-695-7975 or

Curriculum Booster Sessions allow your staff to dive deeper into the curriculum content after an initial training.

Now that your staff has facilitated a Dibble program, they may have additional questions about content, delivery, or implementation. Scheduling a curriculum Booster Session will deepen their understanding and improve their approach. Booster Sessions are customized for your organization’s needs because we want to meet your facilitators where they are and prepare them to provide even better service to youth.

To schedule a Booster Session, complete our Training Inquiry form or contact us at 800-695-7975 or

To schedule a Curriculum Training at your location, complete our Training Inquiry form or contact us at 800-695-7975 or You can also visit our events page to see if we have any upcoming cost-effective regional trainings.

Call 1-800-695-7975 to schedule a training that is right for you. Or, check back later for upcoming regional training events.

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