Technical Assistance

Count on us to be on your team!

The Dibble Institute has had years of success providing relationship skills education in a variety of venues with diverse populations.

Our staff will consult with you to develop effective:

  • Implementation approaches,
  • Partner and participant recruitment strategies,
  • Program adaptations,
  • Evaluation plans, and more.

We meet you where you are and deliver these services in a variety of manners – email, conference call, in person – whatever works best for you.

All training clients receive Technical Assistance as part of their training package. We offer two hours of complimentary consultation per organization that have held or attended a Dibble training. Additional consultation is offered on a retainer or hourly basis.

Our Technical Assistance Clients include:

  • IFC International
  • Mathematica Policy Research
  • Public Strategies, Inc.
  • Urban Institute

To learn more about our Technical Assistance Services, contact Executive Director Kay Reed at 800-695-7975 or

Training Inquiry