Free! Second Wednesday Webinars

May 8, 2019

Friends and Crushes
The Effects of Friends on Romantic Relationships

Peer relationships, particularly friendships, area critical context for development during adolescence.  In the relationships, adolescents learn important relationshipskills (e.g.,conflict management, empathy) that can impact their later romantic relationships.

In this webinar, we will explore how adolescents build relationship skills through friendships and discuss the implications friendships have for later romantic relationships.


Specifically, webinar attendees will learn:

  1. The core features of and relationship skills learned in friendships.
  2. How relationship skills learned in friendships affect later romantic relationships.
  3. How relationship education can improve friendship quality and the quality of romantic relationships.

Presenter: Kathleen Hlavaty, Ph.D.Project Manager and Research Associate with Military Families Learning Network, Auburn University.

Who should attend:  Family life educators; health educators; high school guidance counselors; Family and Consumer Sciences students and educators; and anyone with an interest in adolescence and relationship education

When:  Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 4:00pm Eastern/1:00pm Pacific

Duration:  60 minutes

Cost:  Free!

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