What’s Real — Myths & Facts about Marriage

A guide toward realistic views and strategies for lasting relationships.

By: Jessica Pool, M.S.

Grades: 8-14
Length: 7 one-hour lessons
What’s Reel? Collage

Teens may not be thinking about marriage right now, but research shows that almost all of them aspire to a happy marriage and family in the future. Unfortunately, few teen have adequate knowledge about how to reach these goals. For many teens, expectations are shaped, not by facts, but by street wisdom, relentless exposure to media fantasies, and poor role models.What’s Real offers a helpful alternative. The 7 hour-long lessons guide teens toward realistic views and strategies for lasting relationships. Students are challenged to:

  • Explore common myths about marriage and compare these to the results of current research.
  • Examine their assumptions about relationships and marriage, and discover the sources of these ideas.
  • Become more critical observers of the influence of media messages.
  • Understand the qualities that sustain a good marriage and learn some approaches for finding a good partner.

Through appealing activities, games and discussions, teens begin to appreciate which behaviors can support desired outcomes. They also learn why behaviors like teen pregnancy, living together, and early marriage may sabotage their future plans.

What’s Real incorporates research from the National Marriage Project. The program is ready to use, including:

  • Instructors Guide (118 pgs) with 7 one-hour lesson plans, scripts, activities, handout copies, discussion and review materials
  • PowerPoint presentation for each lesson (CD)
  • Copier ready student worksheets (CD)
  • Four full color posters
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